Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Happy New Year: Thanks For Your Support:

Now that 2012 is behind us we look forward to a healthy, happy, productive and prosperous New Year.  We would like to thank many of the friends, family, contributors and supporters who made this year and past years' Brooklyn Rhapsody Show a success. We’d also like to recognize new found relationships that we look forward to nurturing and having a successful future with.

In no particular order Brooklyn Rhapsody would like to acknowledge: 
 Matthew, AFROPUNK and staff, Calvan/Daydream Filmworks, Rusty Ryan, Bob & Elisa Seeger, Indian Larry Motorcycles and staff, Genuine Motorworks, Carmine Bellamore/Syndicate Choppers, Big Nick/Industry Customs, Speedy, Franky P, The whole Bronx massive, David Cooper, Preacha, Mario and Jennifer Braccio/M&D Performance, Swain AKA Pop, Joe Joe Matthews, Brian/Wheel Emotions, The Great Frog, Ouigi the Bearded Man/The Brooklyn Circus, Stephen Berner/45Dgree Blog, Steve Iacona/Iacona Customs/ Nikko Klaus, Big Damien, Nial Andrews/South Side Cycles, J from the Shop in LI, Noel Ortiz, George and Queenie Stinsman/Chaos Cycle, Rich Janusz/Ryzart Custom Paint, Dan Hayes/Auto Care Collision Center, EZ, Kimberly Amante, Rhamel, Chris, Donald, Alex, LaVedette, The Gentlemen's Shop, Denim & Chrome, Phillip Shung/SUNDREE, Jamal Solomon, Bat, Miracle Mile Harley Davidson, Primo Wheels, Pat Rodriquez, Pat Isaacson, El Pitts, David Wilson, B.J. Da Juiceman, Sheba, Biltwell Helmets, Sugar Bear

If we’ve neglected to mention you we offer our sincerest apologies.